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Social Responsibility

DSI Design believes that all employees deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. In every aspect of the employment relationship, employers should treat their employees as they themselves would want to be treated. DSI Design strongly believes that those with whom we do business should follow this philosophy and will not do business with those who do not uphold the same principles.

DSI Design recognizes that its business partners are independent businesses; nonetheless, actions by those with whom we do business are sometimes attributed to DSI Design which can affect our reputation and goodwill. As a consequence, DSI Design expects them to act with a high level of honesty and integrity.

Our Customers
DSI Design is committed to helping our customers succeed. We place the core value of honesty, integrity and fairness at the center of our relationships.

Our Suppliers
The manufacturers and processors that supply products to DSI Design for eventual distribution to our customers are critical elements in the distribution chain. We are committed to human rights and compliance with labor laws across our supply chain.

Our Workplace
DSI Design is committed to the highest integrity and ethics. We pass this on in serving our customers, partnering with our suppliers and working with our associates.

Our Community
DSI Design supports its community. We aim to add value and benefit through our recognition and sponsorship of local organizations.

Preserving the Environment
DSI Design recognizes that we have a responsibility in protecting our environment. We take seriously our responsibility to minimize our environmental footprint and offer alternatives in supplies to support this objective.