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Up Close

You’d never know by the amount of work we crank out that there are only a couple of us regularly housed at DSI Design. We have a plethora of freelance designers, writers and marketing professionals to help us meet your tight deadlines.

Becky Maniaci, President

In-house, our Queen Bee is Becky Maniaci, although she tries not to act like it. She handles most of the customer service and has her fingers in all projects. Her attention to detail and proofing skills have amazed clients as she catches things they didn’t. She has over 25 years of experience in the advertising / marketing industry.

Personally, her life centers around her little bumble bee Jackson, now 7 years old going on 21. Favorite activities include watching Jackson in his sports: little league baseball, karate, kickball league, swimming... and having play dates with friends (young and old). Becky plays volleyball year-round and wishes she had the energy of her son!

Stephanie Seeby, Creative Director

Steph is our Worker Bee, she has a great work ethic and likes to be kept busy. She is a talented graphic and web designer and likes to challenge herself and better her skills. She offers great advice to clients, often steering them in a different (better!) direction. Originally from Milwaukee, she moved back here after a year and a half in California, what was she thinking? Anyway, we’re glad she’s here.

Steph and her husband, Nick enjoy the outdoors, going hiking, camping and the like.